No Way!? Way. Feb 13, 08

Short and sweet, ok?No blog because it's been pretty dull around here... Really. Since Janice left we've been working full time catching up on real life job stuff. Rich barely pokes his head out of the office to eat. Although yesterday he did have to spend a good part of the day with me at the B.M.V. because... yes... wait for it...


Whoo hooo. I just bit the bullet and went. Took the written test (the first one had expired) in the morning, lunch with Jean Anne at Pizza Junction (for pre-game protein) and then the driving test right after. I am sorry to say that I didn't get 100% on the written - because I got two questions wrong about having a probationary license under the age of 18. I don't even know what a probationary license is, and I can't even remember 18. So I'm not sweating it.

The weather was actually HEINOUS. It wasn't a blizzard or anything, but the roads were really slick and you couldn't see any of the road markings because of snowfall. But, since I got the appointment, I figured why not. And, of course, after all the stress about parallel parking - he decided I didn't need to do it. :) But I think I would have been ok anyway - and since we parallel park every day to get outside the theatre, it's more relevant for me to have learned than probably most people in Indiana. So - I'd like to send HUGE snaps out to Jean Anne and Gary Town for all their help. I hope they'll come visit me in the hospital when I run into a tree going the wrong way down a one way road :)

That process actually took like the whole day... it took forever after I passed the test to actually get the card. Not because the ladies were slow at the BMV (several of whom it transpires read the blog), but because I already had a drivers license from another country. And Bermuda, according to their computer, didn't exist as a country. This was fun. They had to like call the main Indiana BMV programmer dude and get them to add it into the drop down menu! So - Bermuda...we now REPRESENT in the Hoosier state.

I got the Shakespearean pre-show announcement finished and approved that I'd been hired to write... It took a couple drafts, but I thought I'd share. Basically they wanted it to be the standard "turn off your cell phones" but performed by the actors onstage in Shakespearean Iambic Pentameter...

Dear friends we humbly offer you a play... Please settle in and cease thy pre-show chatter So revels may begin without delay within this hallowed hall named for Nafe Katter.

O precious patrons grant us your attention Before the actors may spring into action - There are some minor matters we must mention To help you view our play without distraction

Yon aisles keep as clear as cloudless day Since players enter, frolic and escape betwixt all four, so watch thyself, I pray, Or thou mightst end up flattened like a crepe.

Love may, this night, fan flames of deep desire - No other flames we hope shall cause distress. But should 'mergency require we retire, Find exits rear and side for your egress.

A clanging-jangling beastie may reside Within your pocket, pantaloons, or purse. To silence now your cell-phone please abide And thus avoid an actor’s vengeful curse.

Another plague we plead you’ll help us tackle: That celophane surrounding luscious flavor Make haste - avoid this cataclysmic crackle and unwrap now your lozenge or Life Saver.

An actor’s ego thrives on adoration. His handsome face preserved in ageless glory... But Shakespeare never knew such innovation - so you can’t photograph or film our story.

And now, I feel, no longer we should hover, Lest patience of our patrons we exhaust... He's read his programe cover through to cover… What play hoped you see? (they ask a member of the audience, who says:) Love's Labors Lost

Anyway - so that's now crossed off the list. The ad has gone into backstage for the supperclub series. We've officially decided on the three show titles: Over Here: The Songs That Got Us Through (WWI and WWII standards) Hooray for Hollywood: Great Movie Songs (Titanic, Dirty Dancing, Moon River, Way We Were). Island Fever (a musical vacation) - Jamaican calypso, Hawaiian and a smattering of Reggae (Day O, Yellow Bird in the Banana Tree, Hot Hot Hot, Tiny Bubbles, Blue Hawaii...etc.)

Each one will be about an hour and fifteen and I'm excited about them actually. We've already gotten some really encouraging submissions from NY people and we'll do auditions in a couple weeks back in the Big NY. Here's how it works: you post a casting notice in one or several trade publications/websites and actors or agents submit their client either through the website, email or snail mail. Sometimes it's just pictures and resumes, sometimes sound files, and in this modern age - youtube videos. Which are really helpful. So, keeping in mind that 99% of the time the only means you have of getting a sense of an actor and deciding to call them in for an audition is from their headshot, you'd be amazed at the pictures people choose to represent themselves. For example - a REAL example:


Really, now? Unless your a hypnotist, this is not a good look.

One actor that I worked with in Camelot in Boston actually sent his stuff in - so we're keeping our fingers crossed he's available and could make the modest salary work for himself. Cuz he's great.

We've also been working on the advertising images and flyers for the supper club - I'll post the stuff when it's done. But it is pretty fun to be working on a show of some kind. I really enjoyed putting together these kind of things in NY - if you get the right group of people together it's a blast. You're only working on songs you love (cuz we get to pick them) and it's all the fun of working on performance without the additional craziness of worrying about building gigantic sets. Of course next year when we're READY to start building gigantic sets, I'm gonna be pretty psyched.

Anyway - that's the skinny - I said nothing hilarious particularly. But we're doing more skim coating tonight. Bob and Janice arrive tomorrow late afternoon so they'll be lots to write about no doubt. Before they get here we're getting up at 6am to drive to Kentucky to look at some theatrical lighting fixtures that were on Craigslist. Yes kids, we're spending Valentine's day driving to banjo land for six hours and then comin' back to hang with the in-laws. I know you're jealous :) Actually, apparently we have to drive through Indy and Cheesecake Factory is being dangled in front of me as bait. Hmmmm.

Final update. Due to the cold, Po has now taken to refusing to get out of bed in the morning once we're up. So I've started making the bed with her still in it.

HOT DOG IN A BLANKET po-in-a-blanket.JPG

xo jojo