Sugar and Spice, scrape everything nice. Feb 10, 08.

Well - if we had much more peeling in our lives we'd work at Tropicana. We spent the whole day yesterday with putty knives in our hands chiselling away at the walls. It felt like trying to chisel mount rushmore with a butter knife. But... great, great progress was made.

Since we put out our APB very late in the day, we didn't get a great gaggle of volunteers... but the Eckert's never fail, and Gretchen (the youngest Eckert) arrived early in the morn with her friend Kylie. And they worked all day. Like alllll dayyyy. It was kind of terrifying really how much energy they had, reminding me exactly of how useful youth can be. The two of them worked for like eight hours and practically had to have their arms twisted off to let us even buy them a hamburger at Nicks. And - if you ever have any doubt as to the youth of today's ability to multi task, rest assured they can text message, hip hop dance AND scrape at the same time with amazing precision. What was so awesome is that really they only had to do like one hour to count for their community service thingy - and they just chatted and laughed and scraped along with us all day.



They did decide that the safety glasses are pretty darn fetching and should be infused as a new fashion craze. They also tried to teach me some dance to a song called "Crank Dat" which involves waving your arms like superman flying in the air and bouncing a lot. It's seems to be these whipersnappers version of the Electric Slide. I have been told upon pain of death that by their next volunteer appearance I must have become proficient in this choreography. Yes - you can learn the dance on youtube.


Janice and Rich had to run off to a massive auction to scout out goodies. Leaving me in charge of the teenagers. How wise, really gentle audience, do we feel this could have been? We were joined by another equally enthusiastic scraper named Katie, and in the process of the afternoon I did glean a certain amount of useful demographic research. For instance... "Disney's High School Musical" - not as cool among the Hoosier 14 year old set as I'd anticipated. So, scratch that off our to-do list for the near future. The stud muffin of choice is apparently this dude from "Step It Up":


Who, you know I'm sure is attractive if you're perfection. W

I also got asked delightful fun questions like "how do you tell if a guy in our class is gay".

Answer... IF THIS IS HIS LOCKER locker_gay.jpg



And, my favorite question of the day..."Didn't Bill Clinton have an affair with Janet Jackson?" This was the defining moment in my life telling me that I was officially old enough to be alive to remember 'old history stuff'.

Oh, in case you didn't believe me about the ATM card - Gretchen let me take a picture of hers...



Janice and Rich picked up a bunch o' fun stuff for like NOOO money at the Auction. Apparently it was a good thing I wasn't there because they thought my tiny little mind would have exploded. Apparently there are like two auctions going on at once and it gets a little insane. They picked up a few furniture pieces etc. for actor housing and a really great set of partitions which we can use for display boards at the Huntington Expo in a month or two when we have to hock our wares.

Speaking of hocking wares - I forgot to mention that in between my stupifying shyness at the open house for the retiring editor (the cake recipient), I managed to get us invited to speak at the Kiwanis club. All I really know about the Kiwanis club is that Ruth Sherwood sings about them briefly in Wonderful Town - but I'm sure I'll learn. Anyway - It's great to be invited to address another group of movers and shakers. Maybe i'll teach them the Superman dance.

Anyhoo... During the course of the afternoon it was hardly surprising that one of them would ask us if we thought the theatre had a ghost. Rich says he's convinced there's something weird about the balcony but won't tell me what because he knows if he does I'll probably be half way to Nebraska by the time he finishes the sentance. Right after that question was asked, however, we had a true paranormal experience. Gretchen was scraping and peeled off THIS (which she is holding against her black sweatshirt for effect):


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Anyway, by the end of the afternoon the girls had scraped down the entire building.


And by the end of the afternoon our little underage sweatshop had produced AMAZING results. stripped-area-whole.jpg

And, the young'uns were toast: dead-gretchen.jpg

And I think Gretchen talked us into letting us have her Sweet Sixteen party at the theatre. Ah, heck. We'll be long dead by then.

In the evening we went to the movies with Larry and Margaret. Saw "Fools Gold". Honestly - not at all bad. Highly enjoyable guilty pleasure. And, if it's one thing they can say for Mathew McConaughey - they sure save a lot of money on costumes.

Soooo now we're ready to skim coat that stuff which we'll probably get to tackle Tuesday. Janice headed back to Ohio this morning, and believe it or not the Pack Leader actually took a day off today. I wasn't officially able to sequester him away from his computer - BUT he did watch some tv, get some sleep and seem to unwind a bit.

Word on the street is that a Hooters Knock-off bar is opening in the building between us and Nick's Kitchen. It was not exactly like we were in need of another swarthy watering hole in our midst...but...whatyda gonna do, right? Jean Anne, of course, is less than ecstatic because they'll be selling food. I am less than ecstatic because...well... did you REALLY expect me to be ecstatic about Hooters? Not even a REAL Hooters. We tried to come up with what you call a fake Hooters? "Silicones"? It's actually a very small space so I suggested they name it "The B Cup".

Ok. Gnight. jojo.