Getting Laid. (The carpet, you ninny). July 26, 07.

Hallelujah (or however you spell it)!! After an extra coat of paint in the back room and some serious clean up we actually got to start the home stretch on the storefront. Before I was even up the boys managed to install the ceiling fan in there. Here's a hint though - if you have a ceiling fan globe that hangs down to seven and a half feet - be VERY careful with an eight foot ladder. Nuff said. To start with we had to pry up the rest of the 1x1 foot tile linoleum squares which were remaining. Now, folks considering that a few years ago I wouldn't touch raw meat because it was too gooey - this stuff was a major step towards me being impervious to ick. Getting these things up is not easy - they are stuck down with this very sticky gloppy adhesive which has to be pried up. If you look close you can see the fun stringy lines of adhesive like caramel prying up from the floor:


In order to pry them up you have to grip on them which means getting your fingers all over them - sticky side included. And then, of course, the more of them you get up - the more you are forced to SIT in the goo in order to pry the rest up. Now Janice had a brilliant solution to prevent us all getting stuck to the floor and feeling like we were trying to tap dance at Lea Brea Tar Pits. Her solution was thus: Open up the shop vac and take all the dirt/sawdust out of the shop vac and ladel - YES, LADEL - it onto the floor so that it would cover the adhesive.



So - to recap. One is now prying goo, yanking goo with your fingers, sitting in goo which has been covered with dirt. Goo, goo, goo, dirt. It's a delight.

Anyway - after those were up we vacuumed the floor (yes after purposefully ladelling dirt... we vacuum the floor. It's a very scientific process here, people. Then we brought in the carpet and Bob gave us a crash course in how to lay it out and trim it. Before that he had his own crash course - or rather crash - cuz he wacked his head pretty hard against the ledge where the radiator used to be. It's the ghost of Gaylord taking his revenge upon us - because that ledge has been getting a lot of dna samples from a number of heads lately.

The carpet actually got rolled out, trimmed and fitted in only about an hour - we were kind of stunned. NB These pictures also feature my first Indiana haircut. $15 folks. That, frankly, was about the cost of the TIP in New York.





After it was trimmed we had to glue the puppy down. There was nearly a very unfortunate moment when I tried to read the instruction on the back of the adhesive vat unaware that the lid was not attached. Standing over the newly laid out carpet. Luckily when three people simultaneously scream "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" I can take a hint. So we had to roll the carpet up half way, lay the adhesive down with a trowel about a foot at at time and then roll it back towards the wall.



Janice and I were slightly stunned that the boys wanted to partake in this activity at all since it involved Goo. And - up till now - goo and anything sticky, unpleasant and gross has been our department. But - they were in the thick of it this time. It did transpire that I was pretty handy with the trowel - again - if it's like icing a cake - I seem to excel.


You'd be amazed at how hard work it is though. Once they discovered I was pretty good I was designated Trowel Boy... and by the end of the gluing I was DRENCHED in sweat. Hey - until I have a kitchen, I'll take cardio where I can get it. So - I took a shower - and the Najuch Boys started measuring the baseboards. We measured and cut and measured and cut - and by the end of the day the outer room was all laid out.


And even though I can't get a good picture of the whole room (Santa may get a request for a wide angle lens) - you can see that it was a very good days work.


Tomorrow they'll cut the baseboard in the inner room so that I can take them all outside into the alley and paint them. They'll cut linoleum. Then apparently Trowel Boy will make a return appearance to goo the stuff down... And once the baseboards are dry. We're almost home free.

Today was Janice and Bob's 33rd Anniversary - and as you've already read, they decided to spend it in the most romantic fashion. We did, however, manage to get them to an intimate little romantic gourmet spot for dinner.

Ok, it was Texas Roadhouse. But - Janice likes ribs, and Bob likes raw meat - so they seemed happy.


See ya tomorrow - i'm going to read two pages of Harry Potter and crash. xo JO JO.