Diamonds are a Girl's Worst Nightmare. Jan 29, 08.

Got the Nightlife Awards all squared away. Scott (my boss) called me at 5:00 am with a couple last minute things...but otherwise it was all pretty smooth sailing. Couldn't get to sleep last night anyway - which means I've been groggy and wittle bit gwumpy most of the day. I'm supposed to take my BMV written again (it expired GRRR) and take a shot at the driving test tomorrow - but I haven't had a chance to practice cuz we've been so occupied this weekend. I may postpone until Friday. See how fresh and alive I feel tomorrow. We bank-hopped today, shopping for a bank account for the LLC (the business). Pack Leader wants to use Quick Books which apparently a bunch of the banks here don't have as compatible for the a business account. So it took a little hunting around. Of course we're sitting there with the banker, being walked through all the paperwork and I haven't got a CLUE what they're talking Rich is listening intently asking about ABH's and iBiz thingies and I'm trying to stay awake via a sugar rush from the Dum Dums on her desk. (go ahead, make a dum dum for a dum dum joke if you must). :)

I am proud to report that the Chili Dogs - or as these stubborn Mid Westerners insist on calling them, Coney Dogs, were a big hit at Nick's kitchen. Jean Anne almost sold out of them, so I was very proud (as was Donna Sue in her far away warm climate). For her own lunch Jean Anne had fries with the hot-dog chili and cheese on top, and we saw it land on the table and were like "Dude THAT should be on the specials board too.' Ok, truth be told I've never called her 'dude'. But anyway...Just wait... in a few weeks it'll be "Nick's Chili Kitchen". In other Pork News (I'm actually lobbying for a 24 hour news network only dealing with Jean Anne's life: PNN)... anyway... she's asked me to make cake for 200 people a week from Friday. TWO HUNDRED. Arghghghg. I'm a little relieved Janice is gonna be here until Wednesday cuz I'm hoping to sucker her in to giving me a hand... Cuz we all know, considering the fiascos I can have with 50 servings...this could end up like an I Love Lucy Episode... I mean that's sifting four bags of confectioners sugar ALONE.


Actually at lunch today Margaret started describing some pretty wackadoodle cakes. She was raving about this cake you poke holes in and pour jello into. Not like jello pudding. Jello. This seems like one of those recipes invented in the manufacturer test kitchen after the girls had one too many whisky sours. She said you just pick whatever flavors you like. Personally I'd avoid the red velvet/lime jello combo.

I forgot to tell you that the other day we went house hunting again for more potential actor abode-age. Most of them were a definite 'nope', but one of them Rich really kinda started Jonesing for. So we'll wait and see if the price drops. And by 'drops', I mean like the house decides to take up bungee jumping. On our excursion however we did see a few more of the now-typical fascinating decorating schemes. In particular this kitchen really caught my eye:


I think the Indiana legislature really needs to pass some kind of mandatory stencil background check. These things are dangerous weapons in the wrong hands.

This evening we started work on the ceiling pattern. The Pack Leader and I had totally opposite ideas of how to approach this crazy project - which involves us successfully marking out a pattern of three foot by seven foot perfectly symmetrical diamonds all over the ceiling. It's a challenge for several reasons - a) it's just hard to mark out a ceiling; b) who knows if the walls are square so your measurements (no matter how accurate) still might produce a wonky outcome; c) the diamonds are partial around the edges which is tough to get an ideal measurment for. I had a scale drawing which determined the size of each diamond and where it fell in relation to center - but Rich felt that we needed to mark from the outside in which was the opposite of what I figured we would do. My concern was that we'd never be able to get the exact measurements we needed from a scale drawing in order to successfully transfer it. Finally I realized I could use the google Sketch Up thing which, being on the computer, means I can draw things perfectly in scale without the width of my pencil line affecting a measurement of a half an inch here or there - which could snowball into a big mess. It worked out really well and we ended up with the exact tricky measurements we needed. So we now have Larry's scaffold assembled and we've started marking the connecting points. We might just get it all marked out by the end of the day tomorrow (depending on my whole driving test mood).

We also went over to the Four Corners - a neighbourhood picture framers - cuz Rich is going to be designing her website. I love her shop and she really does great work - one of those people that proves framing can be a real art. Anyway - I went along so that I could take a bunch of pictures (go go gadget wide-angle) so that Rich would have visuals for the website. Cuz if it's one thing the Pack Leader is allergic too it's a overly text laden website. Pretty pictures soothe the savage Rich :) I took a lot of pictures of the shop and her merchandise etc., but I also took some really cool closeups of the frames that I think will be neat accent images...




Anyway - still trying to meander my way through The Tempest. So far in act two a banquet has to magically disappear into thin air and a pack of wild dogs have to run on stage and attack people. Hmm... Perhaps this will end up a Shakes-Po-ean production after all. Well, at least Winston will come in that case.

Sleep my pretties... JoJo.