How much more of the freakin' store? July 26.

So today was pretty much spent prepping for the arrival of Janice and Wonder-Bob. The plan is that we'll get the carpet and the linoleum laid in the storefront by the end of the weekend... which would mean the storefront would be pretty much DONE. Woo hoo. We got the second coat of paint up, dri-locked a few icky places on the ceiling, painted the bathroom, and got all the new outlets and plates switched out. So it's looking pretty good.Before they can lay the carpet down we still need to get a second coat up in one small area and lift up the last of those super pesky adhesive floor tiles that are still in the store front. And let me tell you - all of my finicky 'i'm not touchy anything messy' nature has been blown to smithereens - cuz these things are NASTY. It's like yanking up 40 year old caramel. I'll be sooo psyched when the storefront is done - so we can actually start working on the parts of the building that are going to be either used by us - or for the theatre. But it's obviously worth it because the income from the storefront helps to pay off the mortgage. Tomorrow will be a big day - lots o' pictures and I'm sure a heap of fun-filled adventures to report. I thought having had the week away from the manual labor that my muscles would rest and I'd come back stronger. Not a chance. It's like day one all over again. I'm wiped out and the arms are achin'. The one thing that DID get better over the 'rest period' (ha!) was my carpel tunnel which was NOT happy because of all the rigorous paint scraping. It's settled down - so as long as I play it pretty easy yanking up those floor tiles tomorrow - I should be ok for a bit at least :) Po is very happy that grandpa's back. We found out in the local paper that there are weiner dog races being held on Saturday. Of course we need to use our time with Bob wisely - but I've been hopping up and down around Rich saying "Pleeeeaaaaasssssse" because i feel that for the good of the blog we should have pictures of Po running down a track with a pack of other hot dogs. It's my journalistic duty. I have a feeling it's not gonna happen. But i can dream. G'night kids.