Bermuda Bye-angle. Catchup to Jan 4th, 08.

This is a catch-up - but lemme tell you folks - the renovations are now in full force - so there will be lots of actual STUFF happening in the next few weeks. And, considering that we've just spent the day ripping apart the lobby (which I will cover tomorrow, not tonight) I hope this will be the non-construction-themed blog for quite a while... I've been stalling on my latest blog because there was something really amazing, hysterical and insane (proof in fact that Cindy has finally gone round the pipe) that I need to scan and show you - - but the pack leader is swamped and he's the scan master. So that may have to wait. So - I'm gonna just get on with it and start catching you up

Bermuda continued to be unseasonably hot and a wee bit sticky. Al Gore must be right about some of this stuff - because in my lifetime I really cannot remember Christmas being anywhere near that warm. The entire time we were there Mom only had a fire in the fireplace once...which is UNHEARD of in December/Jan. Anyway - the rest of our time there was spent recovering from Christmas and pretty relaxed. As I mentioned before - New Years was very very low key...


On the second I had lunch with my high school English teacher, senior master (you guys would call him the Jnr. High School Principal I think) and one of my very favorite actors ever, Nigel Kermode. I grew up in total awe of him (deservedly so) and was ASTOUNDED to learn that he is a regular blog reader...particularly since he is now the Headmaster of the entire monolith into which my high school has now grown. Anyway - I was thrilled to know that he's keeping tabs on my folly - AND considering I didn't know that he was reading - it is also a lesson to ALL OF YOU to sign up for the mailing list and make comments... so we know you EXIST :) Cuz it's fun spending hours writing thinking your mom is the only one reading this...but think of how much more often I'll write when I feel guilt imposed by our mass audience. Speaking of mass audience, actually the youtube thing seems to have spread through Huntington like wild fire. One person (whom we'd never met) told us that he had been forwarded it by 12 different people. It seems to have given some sort of concrete way for people to relate to the idea of us - and more and more people keep telling us how enthusiastic they are. Rich was getting his teeth cleaned and from across the other side of the partition, apparently he heard a voice saying "Are you one of those theatre boys?!". Fame at the hygienist... I wonder if Jake Gyllenhall has these problems. ANYWAY - my point WAS that people we have never met are daily signing up for the blog mailing list - which is super cool. Welcome welcome.

So - back to Bermuda... We also managed to have 'tea' (we ARE an English colony after all, duckies), with Rich and my dear friend Beverly Crick. Beverly has been working successfully as a voice over artiste in NY for a number of years, and apart from being about the kindest, gentlest human being on the planet, she is also a Bermuda native. It is of particular blog-worthy note because Beverly is one of the people who, pending her availability, was almost certainly be part of our inaugural acting corp (she'll do the housekeeper in the Sound of Music amongst a barrage of other things).

the last couple days were spent wrangling with my Mother over her birthday festivities... or rather lack thereof. Mom's birthday is on the 3rd and it was quite a big one at that. (In fact she realized too late that by telling me it was ok to put the year number on the cake that she would be broadcasting her age across the blogiverse). My Mom is someone who doesn't want to cause anyone any bother or fuss - and even though she would not hesitate to build a life size replica of the Great Wall of China if it would make a complete stranger's day a little more sunny - trying to do something nice FOR HER is not something she takes to with ease. So great discussion and debate revolved around what we would actually do for her birthday. I wanted to make her a cake. She didn't want me to go to the trouble of making her a cake. Dad wanted to have a party for her at their favorite restaurant and invite all her friends... she didn't want her friends to have to go to the trouble of... well...chewing I suppose. It was tough. But she insisted, particularly since it was our last night on the island, that she wanted it to be very small, and at home.

The cake debate continued. If I was going to make a cake, she said it could just be 'simple'. In which case, what's the point of ME making it - since if it was just going to look like a generic cake we might as well get a bakery to do it. Finally she relented that I could make one. And I did. Which she loved. She's allergic to milk - so she normally doesn't eat birthday cake...but since Rich only likes white cake I made half the cake white and half the cake chocolate. Turns out she is able to eat the white cake... And, so I'm told, is still happily munching on it. And the icing. She likes the icing a lot. I had a really hard time figuring out what to put on the cake, but finally settled on making it look like a can of Nestea - the beverage upon which she lives. In fact when the supermarket in Bermuda stopped bringing in her Nestea flavor of choice she has started having us mail her cases of it. Not kidding. So - she got a giant Nestea cake...

THE INSPIRATION: 149_2800033310.JPG



Only a few friends: QUALI-TEA NOT QUANTI-TEA mom-birthday-group.JPG

Everyone was very complimentary about it's exterior and interior - further prodding me that I should be proffering my cake services for hire... So - if you're in Huntington and you want a cake - call the JO JO. Actually Jean Anne is doing this fun thing over at Nick's where each week on a random day they are giving away free birthday cake to each customer - so I've been drafted as of next week to produce 100 serving of birthday cake. I am assuming it does not need to be ice-tea-themed.

Amongst her pressies was this GINORMOUS pastry-board pie-crust cutting thing. See, apparently, years ago when I was in college we were looking for a bar stool for my apartment and ended up in LA at this place that sold butcher block items - and they had this pastry board thing which had the shape of the pie diameters marked on it. And she didn't get it because she thought "I can't carry this back in my luggage because, heck, it's butcher block and it weighs eight million pounds". Well. Flash forward to 2007 and apparently she found one in the Williams Sonoma catalog. And she's never seen one in years and years and she's ALLLLWWWWWAAAAYYYYS regretted not getting it. So, she asked if I'd take a look and see if it was something we might be able to carry back to the island, since it would be cost prohibitive to ship it. Well, we go to the mall and find this thing and it's like the size of QE 2. And, although it was made of wood, I think the wood was petrified and injected with led and concrete. This was not exactly what you would call 'portable' or 'travel sized'. But, if you add up the insane shaped, bizarre crap my mother has carted around the universe for me for years and years as I bounced from country to country - well - I owed her. And it WAS her birthday. So we managed to carry this raft-sized thing back with us... And she as very excited about her present. She was particularly pleased because it has this counter-overhang-lip thing so it won't skid around while you are rolling the dough back and forth. The fact that it weighs more than a Buick also helps the skidding issue. HAP-PIE BIRTHDAY cutting-board.JPG

She also got these very cute ponchos that she wanted from the Gap - and while she was trying them on to model them, I was particularly impressed with her method of preventing makeup getting on the garment:


Anyway - considering it was a momentous occasion I suppose the least I can do is post one NICE picture of her:


Mom was upset that I didn't get a good picture of the front of our here's one. Unfortunately the day we left (when I grabbed this quick picture) was really the most overcast day of our trip. Sorry 'bout that. house-pic.JPG

Also she wanted you to see the banana tree. I don't question these things. AFTER VISITING THE IN-LAWS, RICH GOES BANANAS. banans.JPG

ok - So tomorrow I'll tell you all about the lobby demo. And I'll try and get that thing scanned. Trust me. Worth the wait. xo jojo