Closet case. July 25, 07

So it turns out that all week, while I was away, when Rich was saying to me on the phone that he and his mother were just working on "little jobs around the buliding" that he was LYING. yes - LIAR LIAR PAINT-COVERED PANTS OF FIRE. Ok. Well - he was lying to surprise me... but still.It turns out he and Janice were feverishly working like Elves to put up the first new walls which will house our new closet. This served two purposes - a) surprise Jo Jo with progress (yay). b) get it dowe while Jo Jo wasn't around to constantly ask "are you sure you're doing this right... huh, huh? Sure? Are you sure?"

See - now that I've SEEN the walls... I have to trust that he knows how to put UP a wall. Which means I don't need to worry anymore. He's sneaky that Rich. Actually - it is a relief - because since we have to build the dressing rooms etc. from scratch - it's pretty cool to see an example of HOW the heck that's gonna happen.

They did an AWESOME job - I can't believe they got it done that quickly. They knocked out the whole existing wall that housed the old door-less closet - laid down a subfloor which will lead into the kitchen and then framed and faced the closet area and the beginning of the hallway which leads into the new kitchen area. And it looks so nice. AND they installed sliding mirrored closet doors which we really wanted - cuz they make the bedroom look nice and spacious. And we like mirrors cuz we want to watch ourselves over the next year age at a rate not previously recorded by science.

Anyway - They did a very good job of documenting the transformation - so here they are - it's pretty awesome folks.

The original closet closet and wall. That hole we had made on day one to pass through into the new kitchen from the apartment.


Bedroom/closet wall goes bye bye.


Rich laying down the sub floor leading from the bedroom into the kitchen area.


Constructing the closet framing.


Framing in place.

closet5.jpg So good at this, he's practically Amish.


The glamorous life of a stage mother.


Framed and faced


Sheet rocked - and almost there...


Mirror mirror on the wall - who's the handyman of them all?


Apparently during the process a certain someone had to be kept well away from the proceedings for safety. She was peeved.

Imprisoned at Guantana-Po.