Baited breath. Dec 17.

Ok - well I'll get to this part later - but the Home Depot contest thing is announced tomorrow and I can't stand it. It was SUPPOSED to be announced today in the afternoon - but they said there was a 'delay' so they won't announce until tomorrow. When we entered I didn't think we had a chance in a million - but now so many people have been so supportive. Now I'll feel so bad if we DON'T win because they were all rooting for us... but I'll get to that. So - as I'm sure you've figured out, my New Years Resolution is going to HAVE to be to get the blog more regularly updated. It's been a week - and if feelsl iike a year.... I was sooo good for so long - and now it's just been a case of being so tired I can't get to it. After all the travel in the past week and a half and then the all nighter editing the video - it wasn't easy. And I hate knowing that people are disappointed when there isn't an entry. It's like in the Grinch all those little Who's with no Roast Beast. :(

BUT - I have a NEW PLAN. And you're part of it. Here's the deal - when I DO get bogged down or worn out and I can't blog - I don't want you to give up on me or stop looking to see if there's something new. Sooooo, pack leader is going to add a new feature. When you sign up for the mailing list we're going to do a thing where every time I update the blog, you will get a fun little email saying "Jo Jo actually got off his still-expanding behind and posted a blog". Or something to that effect. And that way - you won't be inconvenienced and get carpel tunnel clicking every day to see if I've been good or not - and you won't give up and forget about us. Fun, huh?

Well - i have a lot to catch you up on....

On the renovation front - I'm afraid there is not a whole lot to report. We are trying to wrap up all our job commitment stuff before we go away to our families for Christmas (during which I WILL blog - cuz I KNOW you all want to see what Christmas is like in Bermuda, right? You know you do)


Ok - really not at all like that. But anyway - we are getting all the gifty/packing stuff ready and Rich is trying to get a lot of admin stuff etc and Columbia work squared away. And it's a LOT. See we go to New Hampshire until Christmas Day - then travel to Bermuda on the 25th and then we're there until my Mom's birthday on the 3rd. And I KNOW what you're instantly thinking.... What about the WIENER. Well - Po is being temporarily adopted by NIck's Kitchen's own Cindi. Or rather her daughter. Apparently Cindi's daughter is crazy about dogs and she asked us like three years before we moved here if she could dog sit for us. So Po will be fine. Cindi will probably require some major tranquilizers and counselling by the time it's over - but PO will be just fine.

Anyway - on to the catchup.

Trip number two was awesome. Really it was kind of insane for me to go and come back twice in the span of one week... I could have just stayed. But I really, really would have spent more than the price of travel on food and transportation and loose women while I was there that it just was economically more sensible to just come back to Huntington and then return. My back however didn't think so. I don't have the easiest time with my back and plane rides - and those little commuter flights just aren't the best. I have to say my biggest surprise is was the Detroit airport - (which I didn't go through on the first trip to NY). It's GORGEOUS. it's huge (on the way back home I took the shuttle the wrong direction TWICE) but modern and has great gift shops and this incredible light show tunnel travelator conveyer belt thing.

OOOOOOoooooooo. calmblueairport-702254.JPG

So if you ever get a chance to go to the Detroit airport check it out. And from what I've heard about Detroit - try and make it a layover. :)

Anyway - the trip over was just fine... And then, as if I'd never left - I ciicked my heels three times, and there I was back in Winston's apartment. I wasn't gong to be able to do much socializing this time round EITHER because this voice over job was sooo hard that I was really wigging about doing a good job - AND I hadn't had the time to do any real solid prep in Indiana. I had the research located - but it wasn't assimilated into my mouth as it were. But - the day I arrived it was a darn good thing we had no delays because Winston and I had tickets to see Little Mermaid which I was very excited about. This job came up at the last minute - and Mermaid hasn't even officially opened yet (they are still in the trial 'preview' period where they are fixing and futzing with audience feedback (the audience pays full price of course :) )... Anyway - so I'm a Disney fanatic and this movie was a big milestone in my childhood really because it marked the RETURN of the great Disney films (which have now landed in the crapper again because they forgot that what made them great was MUSIC - but whatever). Anyway - so I really wanted to see Mermaid - and who knew when I'd be back in NY. Soooo I called this wonderful actor named Eddie Korbich who I have worked with about three times - including once when I had the total delight of directing him. Eddie is playing the crazy Seagull, Scuttle in the show. And, I thought, there MIGHT be a chance that he'd be able to get me tickets. Which - considering it's new in town, AND it's Christmas time and it's family friendly AND Disney - AND the Disney Princess thing is practically a cult - well it's a tough ticket to get. And Eddie really didn't think he could pull it off - but he DID. And we had amazing seats. And we really enjoyed it.

Well - it was pretty darn neat. I'm a tough audience - especially with the Disney stuff because it deserves a great degree of reverence when you are toying with peoples childhood memories - but it's a really neat production. Even if some stuff is a little convoluted it is going to get streamlined and the production is going to be a big hit. And the cast was amazing - really - If you know the film of Aladdin the guy who is the voice of Jafar is in it - and he's great. And the girl playing Ariel is fantastic (especially considering most of her Act II is mute. And Eddie was just delightful. He is a truly adorable comic actor and it's one of those roles that God just has dumped in his lap and will make people really appreciate him in a way that is long overdue. And the sea witch is FAB.



But if you take a look at the sea witch costume above you can see there's a LOT going on visually. So much in fact that sometimes I think it's gonna be hard for kids to figure out what's what. The amazing thing about Lion King and Beauty and the Beast is, frankly, that a four year old goes "look mommy - that's an elephant.. look daddy that's lumiere". Whereas here - Winston and I were pretty challenged sometimes to identify what exactly the sea creatures were supposed to be. And - having never seen the movie - Winston didn't realize until 3/4 through act two that Sebastian was supposed to be a crab. But - it's gonna run for years. Yay!

Eddie met us backstage - and even though he has to catch a train to get back home to his hubby and their adorable adopted daughter...he took time to bring us onstage and show us around the set - which is this amazing array of translucent plastic and fibreglass and stuff that just shimmers like water in the light. Apparently the cast were all totally exhausted because they had just come back from the strike - and after three weeks of NOT doing all this gruelling stuff, their bodies had gotten out of the eight show a week habit. So they were hurting - but you never would have known it.

The rest of my weekend was pretty much spent like a hermit. I sat in a corner of Winston's apartment on the floor with earphones in my laptop talking to myself for hours upon hours trying figure out the freakin' difference between Bolivian and Chilean (Bolvian's say hard R's (not trilled) and people from Chile say 's' as TH - in case you ever have to try and infiltrate a South American cartel or something. And desperately trying to figure out how to sound Hungarian WITHOUT sounding like a vampire or Zsa Zsa - who are the two only references you can find for Hungarian. (Bela Lugosi was Hungarian). I was exhausted before I even got to the gig. It was certainly the hardest set of accents I'd ever been asked to do - and certainly never this many back to back that were not in my comfort zone. Most British, European I can do blindfolded - my tongue knows RIGHT where to go for that stuff. But this was just nuts. The super nice thing was that the woman who cast me for this job was ALSO playing my female counterpart. I was all the boys - she was all the girls. She's Mediterranean (some kind of Hispanic mix I think) so her job was practically every place that speaks Spanish or anything remotely like it. So she was going cross-eyed too, which made me feel much better.

The only thing that saved us from losing our marbles was that the way this thing was set up there would be a conversation with a girl, then a boy, then the girl etc. And, praise the lord, they were taping in order. Which meant when I was doing my thing she got to run outside for fifteen minutes and get into the groove of the next accent. And I had taped all the references into my ipod so I just ran out and crammed and read all the lines and then went in on a wing and a prayer. The whole thing was made even nuttier because the clients were ENGLISH. And English guys KNOW the difference between Australian and New Zealand... and know if Hungarian sounds Hungarian. And it mattered to them. (One of my favorite moments in fact when one of the two (very nice) people directing us said "I lived in Hungary for six years". No pressure.)

Well - it turns out I did great. It was really hard work - but they loved me and apparently raved about how prepared I was and how seriously I took the work. My biggest problem was sounding like a 'cool' thirteen year old. Oh yes... not only Hawaiian and Hungarian and Thailand - they all had to be THIRTEEN. And thirteen and cool isn't easy. Especially for me - because when I was thirteen i was NOT cool. The premise of this entire project was like this: Two kids are in an internet cafe and a pop up comes up on their computer inviting them to partake in a 'virtual global competiton' where they travel around the world and meet kids their age and learn about their country. Basically it was like It's a Small World teaching you English. And i was the male portion of the ride. It turned out that the text book was actually in comic book form - which they had the proofs of. So I got to see the 13 year old black Jamaican version of myself - which strangely helped. Apparently, as a black teenager I wear very nice sunglasses. Anyway - the day was pretty exhausting and by the end of it I was toast. Particularly since they happened to get more challenging for me as we went along.

I got really really stressed out when I found out we were taping the Asian stuff with a new girl who was coming in for only a few of countries. And she was Asian. So there's this Asian woman standing right next to me, while I'm supposed to be doing a Thailand accent. I said to them "Do I realllly have to do this in front of her - it seems so offensive". And they said "yup". I kind of felt like I was in a room with James Earl Jones and my lines were "I say massa don't you whip me none, that cotten done been picked good". But I got through it. And luckily she was Japanese - so she didn't have a clue if I sucked or not :)

By the end of the day the guys were actually so pleased that they asked me if I would do some additional stuff that they hadn't planned on me doing. They said they could fit it in the second day - they wanted me to also be Australian and South African which they thought they would have to get recorded back in England. Which was a huge compliment - because they thought I would do as good a job as an English actor. So that made my very exhausted delusional day.

That evening was one of my very best friends birthday - Cris - who actually lives in our old apartment now (I didn't ask for a tour cuz I thought I might break down in tears and get homesick - but next time)... Anyway - on Monday nights in New York there is this thing called Musical Mondays at a bar called Splash. It is a confirmed bachelor watering hole. And all they do all night is play clips from movie musicals and the tony awards ALLLLL night long on three jumbo screens. And about two hundred confirmed bachelors sing along like complete lunatics. And it's a blast. Let me put it this way - Indiana is geographically to Splash as Arnold Swatzenegger is to Paul Lynde. As confirmed bachelors go - these people are CONFIRMED. And apparently spend about seven hours a day at the gym while being confirmed. But anyway - I sang my head off. All night. And had a great time. However...

In the morning I realized my vocal chords were not quite as young as they used to be. And they had not quite managed to recover. I kind of sounded a little like Bea Arthur. So in the cab on the way there I warmed up and stuff - hoping for the best. But it sure took a few minutes recording before I wasn't worried... at first they were like "Joel - he sounds a little mature." And I had so much phlem that when I'd open my mouth in preparation to speak they would get a little smack over the line of the person speaking before me. Fun. Luckily after about a half an hour it was pretty smooth sailing - but I certainly wasn't on full cylinders. Lesson learned. And luckily they were still happy as could be. In fact, turns out they've started planning another project with me in mind already - so that's fantastic news.

Anyway - the days just zipped by. I didn't manage to really do any shopping at all - which was a pity. And, for the first time in my entire NY tenure, the weather was NOT bad around Christmas and I would have loved to have walked fifth ave and seen the windows (which I always love doing - it's kind of mini set design at the highest level). But on day two in the studio I arrived with my luggage and left for the airport straight after. It turned out I didn't actually need to depart so soon (I had actually left leeway time in my itinerary in case the recording ran an hour or so over - but it didn't). So I got to La Guardia like four hours early. As exhausted as I was I just found a corner by my gate, laid down on the floor and went to sleep. Like a homo hobo.

The flight back was fine - it was this time round I got reallllly confused at Detroit finding my gate. But it was me being groggy more than anything. I blame me more than the airport. The only thing that really bugged me at all during the entire trip was my carry on issues. You get two carry on items - right? I had a backpack and a laptop. They say everywhere that's what you're allowed. That's what I checked in with at LaGuardia - no problem. So I'm about to board the plane in Detroit and she tells us we we're only allowed on carry on. And I was like "what?". I said - REALLLLLY NICELY - but if I'm only allowed one carry on, why did they let me have two at La Guardia. And she said "well THAT plane lets you have two, this plane lets you have ONE'. She is not very friendly. And I said...again...super super nice..."but if they have my itinerary, and they are checking me through to Fort Wayne, and they know my flights - shouldn't they tell me when I BEGIN my journey that I'm going to have to lose one of my carry on's?". She said "No". And she insisted that te plane was too small for two carry ons and I had to check one of them. So I stuffed one into the other and smiled. And she let me through. THEN I get on the plane and they close the doors. There are like FIVE PEOPLE on a flight that seats fifty. FIVE. And she wouldn't let me have two carry ons. Because clearly, compared to the 50 carry ons of the fifty imaginary passengers.... our TEN carry ons (two each) would have made the plan tip over. Sometimes I wish I carried a cream pie just to stick into peoples faces. So Northwest - official verdict: nimrods.

The plane also arrived half an hour EARLY! Weird, huh? So Rich was no where near the airport... so by the time I managed to get home I was pretty wiped out.

So - as soon as I got back Rich and I really had to start figuring out this Home Depot youtube entry thing. There's no possible way you DON'T know what I'm talking about if you read this blog because you've already been hounded to watch it (and, in fact, I think some of you might be reading it for the first time BECAUSE of the crazy welcome). So anyway - The whole time I was in NY was the time we had designated to figure this thing out. But then I got that job and had to go back to the city. The pack leader proclaimed that I should figure out what the heck it was going to be by the time I came back - but I was so busy learning everything for those jobs (ok - yes - and singing show tunes in a bar for three hours - but it was his BIRTHDAY!!!) that I had made no progress. And honestly I just didn't know WHAT to do. At all. I was stumped. Because the competition stressed that 20 percent of the thing was originality and 20 percent was creativity. Which - technically - should be my forte. But usually when someone TELLS me I need to be creative I am completely frozen. If you need me to do something NON creative like serve cole slaw I'll try and sculpt it into a swan...but if it's actually SUPPOSED to be artistic - I need about a year to figure out what I'm gonna do. Before I left I had an idea to put lyrics to a song in the public domain (they STRESSED that if you were going to use music that you had to have the rights) - but Rich didn't really cotton on to the idea at first - and he didn't see what song we could find that would be recognizable enough to people that it would hold their attention AND be in the public domain. In case you didn't know, public domain depending on the material, means the rights become public property after like seventy or ninety years. So - the national anthem, we could use. Hit Me BAby One More Time - not so much. And since the songs are old - they aren't usually that popular, fun or peppy, was the concern. So that idea got tabled. And then I had this idea that maybe we could have Po narrate the whole thing kind of like a live version of the gecko lizard - and I'd put a voice over on top of it (as Po) and pitch it up so it sounded like a girl. Not that they would need to know Po was a girl. And frankly - on the phone most people think I'm a girl anyway half the time. Rich seemed to think that idea was LESS crap. And the clock continued to tick.

It was due Saturday afternoon. By Thursday things were starting to get hairy cuz we still were without a solid idea. We figured we'd go with the talking wiener dog idea and I felt the dog would need to gesticulate and reference things - so I convinced the pack leader we needed to go on a hunt for some kind of stuffed animal which we could butcher and use the legs as hands for po attached to coat hangers so they'd work kind of like a puppet. It would look stupid - but maybe funny stupid. Of course I had this idea at the last minute and Rich already thinks we'll never get this thing done. And we are in Huntington - and we don't have time to drive to Fort Wayne on a weiner dog amputee prosthesis search. So I have to find them in Huntington. We try the three places we can think of - a place on our block - which had lots of moose and bears - but nothing really in the medium black and tan dog category. At the local hallmark they had a seventy dollar doberman pincher which would have worked but also been the cause of my instant murder had I made the purchase - AND they actually had a bear dressed up in a HOme Depot race car driver outfit that I contemplated trying to squeeze po into. But, lypo would have been required. And I didn't have time to hook up the vaccuum cleaner for it. So no go. Finally we went to Walmart and I found a dog that was black and tan - with brown legs that I figured I could color with a sharpie and we'd pass. Seven bucks - not ideal - but well out of Pack Leader Death zone - so i went for it. Rich at this point is already far less than confident that we are going to produce anything better than a sequel to Ishtar.

We get home - I attempt to make the dog legs and attach them to coat wires. I hold up the dog and show Rich. Luckily his eyes don't have laser beams. Apparently not as funny as I'd hoped. Which, sadly, now means we now are left with a very disturbing stuffed animal that I think would give a Toy for Tot recurring nightmares:


So - the real problem was is that we couldn't figure out exactly what Po would DO in this video. She's cute and all - but what would she SAY. And that's where I get really stuck - I kept telling Rich that I had no idea how to write this thing - but I'd be able to make it fun once I knew what the shape was. And in Rich's head he thought he had explained it a zillion times - and I still felt like I didn't know what to say. So we just started getting very anxious and stressed about the thing. Finally the song thing came back up, because I was pointing out that I still hadn't thought of anything better than that which would make the video creative. And Rich wasn't convinced that the VIDEO had to be creative - just the project. And I wasn't convinced he was right. So we went round and round and then he asked if I'd actually come up with any ideas FOR the song. Which - late one night before going to NY I actually had. Just like I always do - when I begin a draft, I just have the beginnings of lyrics - just a bunch of rhyming strains or ideas. No through line - just some sections that are a starting point. And he looked at this and he said "Well - this is much better than a talking dog. Write it. Quickly".

The lesson of this is: joel should trust at least one of his instincts every century. Or at least come up with a demonstration of his instinct so that someone else can then TELL him if it's bad or not without trying to bore into his brain and understand what the heck is going on inside that scary little place.

So now I had to get the thing written lickety split. I still had the problem of what we were actually trying to say. I could make things rhyme but I didn't know the shape of things. I also didn't know how we were going to explain what the heck we were doing in a theater within such a short-hand form as lyrics, and I didn't really know what to say we NEEDED. Because we had to be specific. So - now Thursday NIGHT we hop in the car to Home Depot with a pad and paper. And we drive forty minutes there (still anxious, testy and not exactly in the most 'who hoo go-team frame of mind'. We're not good with deadlines. We both deal with them very different ways so it's a tough meeting of the minds. Particularly considering it's debatable if I even HAVE a mind. Anyway - so we go up and down the aisles of home depot writing down product names. Cuz we figure the more product placement and the more specific to the brands they carry the better. So we came up with 'traffic master' and 'romex' and 'behr' and 'glidden' and other stuff. And then we got home and I tried to write something. AND i had to find a recording of the William Tell Overture we could use and PROVE we could get the rights to. See there are lots of free versions of songs online - but just because it's free doesn't mean you can PROVE it is. So we needed something we could provide an actual receipt for IF they asked. Originally I was looking for a couple different tunes but I managed to find William Tell in a really great sound effect online library for like eight bucks. So snap. So by like three am I had a draft.

In the morning Rich and I hashed our way through it - the original lyrics were sometimes too high-brow (I rhymed tome with home) and sometimes just too many words for him to be able to say in the amount of time. And the rhythm of the thing is kind of a bitch because it doesn't always do what you think it does. And honestly I had to really just LET GO on some things because a lot of the lyrics which I used don't fall into 'good lyric' rules of musical theater. See, lyrics are supposed to fall in the stresses of natural speech - so we say in real life "HOME sweet HOME" not "home SWEET home". But we just didn't have the time to get it perfect. By noon we hadn't even started recording - so we finally set up the mic and said we'd make work what we had.

Anyway - we put the track on my ipod - Rich listened to it while he recorded into the mic, and then we just worked to get a good pass at each section and then I put his vocal together with the music. I actually tried to do some 'good' sound engineering - adding a little reverb and stuff - but with so many words so fast we realized it just made it really hard to understand something that was already a challenge to follow - and we kept it as plain and simple as we could on the final version. So considering Rich has not been 'helped' at all on that recording - and that he hasn't sung in seven months - he did pretty great. I had to REALLY REALLY twist his arm to do it. More than any other performer I've ever met - Rich is impossible to get TO perform. It's quite funny actually. Of course there is an old theatre joke "how you piss off an actor... give them a job". But anyway - Rich was WAY out of his comfort zone being asked to lip synch like he was on a music video to a track he had pre recorded. He was like "I don't DOOOO that. I don't DOOO perky. I'm not perky." In fact it was kind of down to the wire which one of us was gonna do it - and I was like "Look - you're cuter, you're younger and you're the one who can FREAKIN' sing." Which, seemed a pretty good argument. And, frankly, Rich realllllly wanted the money.

So then it was time to film the thing. We started late in the afternoon and finished at like one am. Rich wanted a sense of what we were going to do for each 'shot' before we started - because he's met me - and knows I'll try over and over and over to get something right if I'm given free reign to experiment. There was a point where I had to explain to him that my mind just wasn't thinking clearly enough to give him story boards, animatics and claymation roughs - but we managed to talk through most of it. We were so stressed getting the thing done that the irony is we didn't really have time or energy to ENJOY doing the only thing we've actually done in seven months that is remotely like what the two of us CAME HERE TO DO. But we managed to get it all done - running around crossing things off the lyric sheet after we taped it - playing the song on a little boom box so he could lip synch - dragging utility lights around so that we could get some light on him in this vast dark cave of buildling at night - and trying to find ways to show as much of the building as possible. And, really looking back on it, it's kind of amazing we managed to get it done as quickly as we did. Frankly the most impressive thing is how well Rich managed to lip synch to himself - because he's never done it before and that stuff is very quick. And when I was editing it and lining it up there was only like one place on the entire thing (where he's closing the window) where I couldn't get a practically perfect synch. So that was huge. By one am we got everything filmed except the outside shots that we just couldn't do in the dark. So Rich collapsed in bed and I worked all the way through the night editing the thing. Which I actually really enjoy doing when I'm not watching hours fly by in terror. it was going terribly well until about four am when suddenly the program kept crashing. I was using his computer because for some reason this video editing program which I really like is the ONLY product by Adobe not available on the Mac. So I was using his PC. And suddenly after editing all night - I was trying to upload the still imaged (most of which you know and love from previous blog entries) and it would crash. And freeze. And lock. And I didn't want to wake Rich up. Because, having spent all evening doing something he did NOT feel comfortable at, he was definitely in a "someone's been sitting in my chair" kind of mood. :) So I struggled on on and on. I managed to get some of it done - but seriously by the time he got up at like nine I had slowed down my progress rate to like 20 percent of what it was. Which is not fun on no sleep.

He fixed it in ten minutes. Of course he did. And that, ladies and gentleman, is why you HAVE to get yourself a pack leader for Christmas.

So - I was back on track. I managed to get everything in place except the slides that he had to do on power point and then we had to run and film the remaining stuff to do. The first sequence with him out the window was kind of insane to get for a number of reasons. A) I had these lofty ideas of panning in and out and sweeping the camera to the window and then the sign and then back to him. Yeah. No. Not enough time. AND it was freezing. AND i was across the street. And I couldn't hear the music which Rich had playing on the little boom box (and he was not willing to blast at full volume, regailing the whoe of downtown with his dulcet tones). So it was very hard to figure out when he was starting - and when he was singing whatever lyric I needed to move the camera on.

And then the camera battery ran out.

So I edited the little bit we had accomplished. Charged it for as little as I could. And we ran out again. Simplified - and got it. Yay.

I really, really wanted to put the lyrics across the bottom of the screen like a bouncing ball because I was worried they were still too hard to discern in places - but we just didn't have time. The sooner we got it up the more hits we figured we could get - and we already were too late on Friday afternoon to get people at their work emails. Which sucked big time. And adding the lyrics would have taken like three hours. So we eventually realized we could post the lyrics along the side of the video with the additional info... which turned out fine. I think anyone who liked the tape enough to want to know the lyrics probably wanted to read about us...and then once they saw the lyrics I think a lot of people watched it a second time just to follow along.

So - we sent it. Wing and a prayer. And then we hit our emails like crazy. Luckily I had a pretty sizeable mailing list which I assembled when I we wanted to announce that we were going to buy the theatre and leave New York. i had taken every 'contact sheet' which you get on the first day of rehearsal and put everyones email into my email. Rich, however, believe it or not, had STILL not had time to send out a single announcement saying that we had bought a theatre or even left new york. So basically only a small handful of his closest friends knew he'd left. So he had to write an ANNOUNCEMENT as well and send that out. But he did.

And then this miracle happened. It was insane. All these wonderful, wonderful people liked it. And they care about theatre - and they think we're crazy but love that we are trying to do this - and they watched it and then sent it to their friends. And they sent it to theirs. And in two days we got eight thousand views. I got emails from Broadway stars - big broadway stars.... emails from the conductor of Mamma Mia in Vegas I'd never met, emails from all these people who said they got it FROM people I'd never met. And on and on. it was insane. Christine Pedi - the most insanely talented female singing impersonator of all time (and a great, great actress) sent it to 1,700 people on her mailing list. I think she single handedly was responcible for thousands of people watching it. We owe her dinner. And a job. And, if we win, probably a PT Cruiser. Carolee Carmello, one of Broadway's great diva's sent me a message saying how much she loved it... Maryanne Plunkett who has a Tony award sent it to all her friends... Charles Shaughnessy from the Nanny posted a comment saying we should win... Kaitlin Hopkins, the original mom from Bat Boy posted too. Judy Kuhn - currently starring in Les Mis and the voice of Pocahontas wanted to know tonight if we had heard. Brad Oscar who played the lead in the Producers more than any other actor keeps emailing me to find out if we've found out. My friend Jake had everyone with a laptop in the Chicago cast of Jersey Boys backstage clicking and clicking whenever they weren't onstage. It's NUTS. And, even if we don't win a cent... it's been amazing. Because all these people think what we're doing is worthwhile. And that made me cry. Cuz let me tell you - sometimes this gig ain't as glamorous as it seems. Everyone - like everyone - tells us we need to send it to Ellen because she might help. And we'll see what happens tomorrow. I know someone who is sending it to an executive at Bravo which gives me hives (is reality tv ready for fried pork?)...but it's an amazing gesture. My mom thinks it's going to be just like the pumpkin. Something we did for one reason that ends up snowballing into something cool beyond it's original intention. But - anyway - for all of you fantastic marvelous wonderful people who clicked and clicked and clicked... thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

And this should be the end of one chapter - even though i have other stuff to catch you up on... I'll try tomorrow. And, I PROMISE i'll blog in Bermuda.

And for those folks who've joined the blog for the first time because of youtube...welcome. You'll understand the fried pork references in time. xo jojo.