Please, please, please, please....

Short and sweet.. i have lots of super fun stuff to tell you about my trip to NY etc... but...I need A FAVOR.

Home Depot is giving away $25 000 worth of gift cards to the winner of a YouTube video competition. It's a project that is for home improvement 'in and around your home' - which, for us, the theatre IS.

The deal is this - the judging is not only on how entertaining or creative your video is - it's also how many people have viewed it. So - I need you to please please please please click on this link:


But you HAVE to let the whole thing play from start to finish - otherwise the view doesn't count. So even if you hate it - just please let it finish. It's only two minutes. And then... if you could watch it another three thousand times (Rich won't be offended if you turn the volume off). Actually - if you would email your friends and tell them how much they could help us bring the Huntington back to life with the simple click of a mouse - that would be AWESOME.

The competition is over tomorrow night - Saturday the 15th at 11pm. So all your Orthodox Jewish friends pretty much can't help us. :)

I know all of you who read this really want us to succeed - this would be the most amazing thing ever - so thanks for your support - and even more thanks for your clicking index finger.

If you want to paste the link into your email - this is it:

xo jojo