Caulk-tastrophe. Nov 28.

Ok - so if anyone has any theories on this I'd love to hear them. Grrrrrr. All of a sudden - or maybe it's been gradual and we didn't notice - the caulk around the edge of the bathtub is coming away. And it looks icky. And I'll have to redo it - which is fine. BUT I don't want to do that until I know what happened so I don't screw it up again. NOT A-PEELING caulk-peel.JPG

I just can't quite figure it out. I DID do one layer on top of another layer - but it had plenty of time to dry (i think). And I KNOW we used bathroom caulk. It's only happening along the side of the shower where all the water is running down from the shower. Not the front or the back of the tub. Soooo who knows. If ya have a theory - lemme know.

Yesterday i spent the day pouring through this script that I'm doing a reading of in New York on Monday. It's still too long so I'm trying to trim out the fat. This involves me taking a line that goes something like this: "Well, Bob, y'know.. I think you might be right... Ok, I mean I guess there's no reason why you can't tell her." And since I think the script is running about half an hour too long.... i suggest the line becomes: "Ok, tell her".

Sigh. So that took hours and hours. But while I was working on cuts huddled beneath the electric blanket, Janice and Rich went to work clearing out the area off the balcony that is going to be the new work-out room. All of the stuff you see came OUT of the room:


And leaving the room looking like this: WHEN MARIO LOPEZ COMES TO PLAY RUM TUM TUGGER HE CAN WORK OUT HERE :) cleaning-gym.JPG

So in the next day or two we're gonna hook up Ye Olde Paint Sprayer and go at the room. Rich picked out a nice mossy green color. After that we're gonna lay down some of those jigsaw fit-together floor pad things and move the weight machine in. Yaaay. The biggest challenge was getting out these giant platform things that were in there (you can see on in the picture on the right). They were actually ancient lightbox signs, turned upside down, and bolted with 2x4 legs. The bolts were NOT fun to get out - but with a little WD40 Rich managed it and we got 'em out.

They also managed to install the louvered door in the hallway which looks really nifty. It's a little snug (my fault cuz my door jam wasn't perfect apparently when I made my wall :( but it works. We can't do the molding around the door itself yet because there is still some finish work that has to happen around the pipes above - which is slated for quite a bit down the line. So for now, the door is good to go and we now have a utility closet.



So now the hallway actually looks like a hallway. Day by day the apartment is appearing less of a construction zone - and soon we'll have to really put it behind us and move on to other projects. We still have a wipe off board full of little jobs like putting up the blinds etc. But it's getting there. One of my old bosses in New York just had a baby - so I told him my hope was that we would be opened before their kid graduated college.

We had another real estate adventure today. There's a 'raw space' in which Rich had been interested in getting a chance to poke around (did that sound rude?). So Natalie took us over to see. And - if Rich wants to look at a 'raw space' you can imagine it's pretty 'raw'. But it's an interesting building. It would need a lot of work over quite a bit of time. But it could accommodate a lot of our rehearsal needs as well as other things. We're not going to do anything about it for the moment - but after the Fecal Residence (as my father calls it) is rented - we'll think about.

I do have to share one picture with you... Not something you expect someone to leave behind in a big warehouse.


And then - last night - in the freezing cold we went out to experiment with the garland. And failed The first system of using the magnet hooks alone was a big dud. So after a big think-tank we hit Carters today and got cinder blocks. The new plan was to place the cinder blocks on the marquee balcony at each 'catch point'. Then run finishing line down over the marquee. Then attach the garland with caribeners and THEN use the magnet hooks to anchor the fishing line. So now the magnets were not holding any substantial weight - they were only stopping the wreaths from billowing as it were. So - that was the plan. And so far, we're sticking to it like a guy who got sucked into assembly line at the Post It factory.

The Pack Leader had to do the worst of it. What else is new. Rich, in the fu-reezing cold had to climb up the extension ladder and attach these thiings - at all sixteen anchor points. Janice fed up garland to him and I stayed up on the marquee and adjusted cinder blocks when he needed more or less slack. It took like three hours - and since he couldn't wear gloves because he wouldn't be able to twist the wire or unscrew the caribeners - his frost bitten fingers are now scattered around the sidewalk like confetti.


But after six hundred trips up the ladder and surviving me spraying raid in his face (I was TRYING to kill the spiders so they wouldn't bother him), Rich has successfully hoisted twelve miles of garland onto the marquee. And hopefully it will still be there in the morning. As we were toiling away, several people wandered past and said "I don't think they've ever done that before". And we now know why. Next time will be a lot easier - and as we start to repair the sign down the road, we'll attach permanent hooks into the structure so that there will always be secure points to attach garland or July 4th bunting or drunk Irish people for St. Patricks Day... whatever.

I'll show you pictures of it tomorra. If it's still up.

In my on-going crusade against the cold (and I have a feeling it's going to be a LONG crusade) I picked up a pair of slippers at Walmart today. I am sharing them with you because they are sooooo comfy. They were like seven bucks. And yes, they were in the women's department - but I have tiny feet. Anyway - the thing I love about them is that they have this sort of sleeve at the top of them so they kind of seal your feet in from the chill. Genius.


xo jojo.