At LAST - Scooby Doo and the Pervert's Purloined Purse. July 25, 07

Remember that really cool story I promised you peeps a few weeks ago - and said I couldn't post it UNTIL Rich found his freakin' camera cord. Well - it just appeared. So - what better way to get the ol' blog rolling again than with this thrilling tale forty years in the making. Two weeks ago Rich was clearing out what used to be a storage room/managers office. It's attached to the room formerly known as 'Jesus' and he had earmarked it as his office... The room was a MESS... It had tons of ripped up old movie posters, boxes of Pepsi paper cups, popcorn bins, bags of popcorn kernels that we daren't imagine from what era... and bags and BAGS of Rocky Horror packets. You know - paper bags with the rice, pieces of toast etc. for audience participation in Rocky Horror? Well we had like eight giant trash bags of petrified toast. It's amazing the cast of Ratattoie hadn't shown up folks. Anyway - once it was cleared out it looked like this...


ANYWAY - While he was clearing it out - he was moving out an old bookcase and found behind it a piece of cardboard stapled to the wall studs. He removed the cardboard and found.... a CUBBY HOLE. Inside the cubby hole were a pile of forty year old girly magazines (which tragically were not in good enough shape to make a fortune on ebay) and some letters addressed to - and I am not making this up - a Gaylord Pearson who was, at one time an employee of the theatre. Rich rummaged through and was pulling stuff out and he found something that was an odd shape... It took him a minute to realize it was a clutch purse. He opened it up - and it was PACKED. No money - but there were mortgage papers, photographs, letters, check book, bills, drivers license and social security card. It was stuffed to the gills. From the contents it was really easy to determine that the contents of the purse were about forty years old. Now - we're not saying that Gaylord stole the purse - I'm sure that the fact that it was hidden in the managers office amongst his correspondence and girly magazines is just a wild coincidence. The fact that a leather women's purse was stashed along WITH girly magazines just connotes some seriously icky ways of said culprit whiling away their break time that I feel we best not explore.

Anyway - Rich - being the Bloodhound Gang wannabe that he is - decided that he would try and track down the owner. Forty years later. He looked up the name in the phone book and went down the list. After the fifth one he reached a gentleman who was the owner's ex husband and said that although he didn't have any idea how to contact her, she was now living in Fort Wayne and her new married name Patricia Quealy. So he started another phone book calling spree and left a few messages on answering machines.

The next day a lady called and said "Hello, I'm Patricia Queely, and that's my purse". She had taken her child to movie theatre one afternoon and the little one apparently got ill and she had to take it outside. When she returned to her seat her purse was gone. She never thought she'd see it again.

So - thanks to the intrepid detective work of Sherlock Najuch - she has been reunited with her handbag after forty years. Of course we could have kept the handbag - but Rich has always known "The Importance of Being Earnest"! Ha.

Anyway - here is the long-awaited picture of Patricia and the handbag. Gaylord, no doubt, has been added to America's Most Wanted.