It's not a comeback... it's a RETURN! July 25, 07

The blog is BACK. All those of you who yelled at me for a lack of postings - I love you for that! Rich provided me with NADA to post the entire week - which, as we will soon reveal, was all because he was planning a surprise... but why should YOU, our devoted readership, have to suffer from his stealth. Anyway - mea culpa and all that... he HAS taken a lot of pictures and I am about to dive into catch up mode. Thanks for bearing with us. I don't want to get too into my week in NY - since the blog is supposed to be about the theatre - not anything else... BUT - concert was a big success both for the kids and for Town Hall. Considering their age they were absolutely astounding... singing like angels in front of 1,300 people who gave them a standing ovation. Which the really did deserve.

BroadwayWorld covered the event - and there are some nice pictures (none of MOI tragically) if you click HERE

So - you'll all be happy to know that I am already covered in paint again... all is right with the world.

Let the blogging begin... xo Jo Jo.