A note from the editor. Since Mr. Najuch, in the usual writer's absence is neither answering his cell phone to provide an eagerly awaited a.p.b. on our progress... nor has he sent the editor any pictures, as promised... we seem to be at a loss. In the place of the usual blog, todays guest reporter on the scene will be a small barky dachshund. (In Rich's defense - I'm sure he has collapsed from exhaustion. And I sat with Winston all night and watched episodes of 'Maude'. So I am not EXACTLY in the position to throw stones. However, he's still a suckmonster). PO-SPECTIVE Well humans, I would have written sooner, but during the day they keep me locked away from that cave-room where dumber daddy types this thing. And at night smarter daddy keeps me in bed with him because he thinks I'm some kind of a hot water bottle. Yeesh. Anyway - the changing nest thing seems to have settled down for a while. First the old nest kept losing furniture. Smart daddy would disappear for a week and take some of the stuff with him... which was ok because they had too much stuff anyway. Of course, now that we are in this most recent nest... all that stupid stuff is back again... so what gives? Anyway, eventually he even stole my CHAIR. So I was ready to pack it in. Luckily before I left I was able to get the word out and recruit a replacement fellow weiner dog for the same floor where I nest was. The new guy is a boy... and a wire haired. But weiners can't be choosers.

Then we travelled in this moving nest. It was kind of small - but there seemed to be lots of snacks in easy reach and grandma let me sit on her lap for a long time. It rocked. However I kept trying to hang out under smart daddy's feet because he kept playing with this toy with his foot - pushing it up and down. It looked interesting - but every time I managed to wriggle free and get down there they freaked out. You humans just wig out about such stupidness.

Anyway - then we got the BIG nice nest. Which had this new guy in it. I think he's grampa. Anyway - this guy ROCKS - because he slips me food all the time. And he lets me bark. Barking and food - what's not to love. Anyway - this house was GREAT - but the daddies kept chasing me around everywhere worried I was gonna pee. Which was TOTALLY stupid because this WHOLE place was lined with a giant pee pad. Soft and squishy - pee pad, right? So, what's the problem. I could just pee wherever. But they insistsed on dragging me outside which was ok too. Because there we BUNNIES. Which I liked to chase. There were also much larger bunnies with antlers - but they looked kind of tough... so I just stared them down.

Then we got in the moving nest AGAIN! Yeeesh - these people cannot make up their minds. And then we got to the dusty, giant, older nest. There's a lot of places where I bet I could find totally awesome things to chew - but they only let me hang out up here while they bang. The schedule basically goes like this. They go down and bang. I stay here and bark. They eventually come back covered in goo and then go to bed. Now - the cool part is that they have the giant full wall to wall pee pad here TOO - so they have the same stupid panic... so i totally get walked like six times a day. The BAD part here is there are ALSO bunnies - that I got very excited about - but these one's are just concrete and sit in people's yards. They don't run away when you chase them... and I tried. So these bunnies are a let-down.

So I guess this nest is ok. They still haven't brought me my chair yet... I'm gettin a little pissy about it. But, whatever. That grandpa guy comes around every weekend to help them bang even louder - and as long as he keeps sneaking me snacks, I'm gonna play it cool.

Po Out.