Prime(d) Real Estate. (Fri, July 13, 07)

We got yelled at by our good friend, web client, and actor extraordinaire Reed Prescott for NOT having the dates up against blog entries. So - until Rich figures out how to get them up there automatically - I'll do my best. Janice suggested we put 'Day 14' or whatever - which I felt, eventually, would become terribly depressing and emphasize any lack of progress. So - if your that kind of SICKO - count backwards and rub it in :) This is my LAST blog entry from Ground Zero as it were. I'm back to the Big Apple to stage a concert at Town Hall. I'll be back in a week. Rich has both his parents here until Sunday and then his Mom will come back on Thursday after a golf excursion which she has cleverly detoured (is that a word) in this direction. Rich will be all alone with the intrepid weiner for protection. He's worried it will be creepy at night. I was alone once already, so I assured him not to worry... it WILL, indeed, be creepy.

By the time I get back he will, hopefully, have found the cord to his camera - and then I can post the long-awaited most exciting entry yet... THE PURSE AND PERVERT. A tale of mystery, excitement, and rendevous forty years in the making. Just wait kids. Dan Fortune - get me Times News Desk PRONTO. :) it's good kids.. just you wait.

Anyway - although we did not manage to paint the storefront today (Rich will tackle it, and the industrial spray gun, alone) we did get a lot done. The storefront is totally primed and dri loc-ed so when the time comes, it's ready and raring to go. Janice and I took a second pass at that front wall that had been a sort of a dry loc disaster the first time because there was still residual wallpaper Rich hadn't managed to detect. Janice went at it with the steamer and if I'd gotten as much steam as this wall I would have FABULOUS pores. After a number of hours of scraping (the wall and her knuckles) we achieved success and the final coverage was achieved. Huzzah.

Rich and his Dad spent the entire day knocking down more of the future kitchen (former Jesus Room). They also managed to lug two truck loads of dry wall to the Land Fill. It only cost 20 bucks to dump the stuff so, with the radiator cash on the plus side, we are still making bank. Kudos to the guy who a) invented the radiator, and b) the guy who invented the thing that replaced it so we could haul it away and get moolah. I do not know how to spell 'moolah' and the spell check suggests the word 'molar'. Since I don't want teeth in exchange for our radiators, I'll leave it be. Not that spell checking has been a priority around these parts, as I'm sure you avid blog fans have noticed.

Janice spent a chunk of time taking stock of all our marquee letters. It was quite a job. We are very low on 'T's. So we gotta get some more of those or I can't spell... well... 'gotta get more of those'. The boys spent the rest of the evening trailing a maze of wires which dangle through the next wall to demolish and seem to end somewhere in Pittsburgh.

Rich has BEEN SWORN to taking pictures of progress and sending them to me so I can keep this thing goin'. Fingers crossed.

xoxxoo Jo Jo.