Quite the simply the reason has been that we've been recovering - for the first time. We took a few days off - and, just as we put dad on the plane, I got sick again. I'm on the last day of antibiotics now, and feeling much better - my throat was killing me (but at least rich likes it when I can't talk) and I really slept like almost 24 hours straight on thursday. Rich has been doing catch up work - and I've been trying to get better.I also got a last minute phone call from my old boss from Town Hall in NY who was swamped and needed to 're-enlist' me back on the old payroll to help him do some research on obscure musical theater stuff for a concert on monday. So - i've been doin' that. And it's a whole lot harder when you're not in NY with the Lincoln Center library five blocks away. :) Janice just arrived - and you know what that means: the tweedles are back in action. So, tomorrow - i'm sure i'll have a lot to tell you :)