Sonny and Cher. Simon and Garfunkel. Two Guys and a truck.

So when we were first scouting the building and Natalie (pre-owner/current tenant) was wooing Janice with a cup of coffee in the surrounding vicinity (Rich and I were crawling around beams with hardhats and flashlights looking for termites), Natalie was obliged to introduce Janice to two colorful local handymen who, should we buy the building, would be very happy to offer their services to us. These two fine figures had the general demeanor of extras from a blockbuster Disney trilogy featuring Johnny Depp, and were jack of all trades. They were particularly interested in hauling away scrap metal - and, according to Natalie, sometimes eyed metal that was NOT yet scrap. They were the perfect team. One of them had purchased a truck - for $200, BUT he did not have drivers license. The other... had a drivers license. A partnership was born. Rich and I had not met these fellows. Today while Rich was sanding his door (That is NOT a euphemism) an eccentric fellow came up and asked Rich if he could take him to 'The Lady who Owns the Building". Rich, wisely, did not take him to meet me. He assumed he wanted to speak to Natalie, and led him to her office. However, Natalie returned soon after with said gentleman in tow. The fellow, Natalie said, had met Rich's mom and was formerly one of the Two Guys and a Truck. This was the guy without the truck. Apparently the two guys had had a falling out (perhaps over the truck - perhaps over Yoko Ono?) and were forced to dissolve their profitable partnership. He was, he explained, now "Starting his own business" and, should we need any hauling or odd jobs taken care of he was available. He warned Rich that he was not good with names, however, so if Rich called him he probably won't remember who he is. But his middle NAME is Richard - so there is a fair chance he might recall. Also, he does NOT answer voice mail. So, should we need him and he doesn't answer, we should keep trying until we succeed in one-on-one contact.

Now, I hear you ask, how does one guy and a truck manage, without a truck. He has a bicycle. Apparenlty the other day he had seen our first vanquished radiator in the alleyway and had wanted to take it away. He decided that his bike wouldn't manage the 400 pound unit and had gone to to find an alternate means of removal - but when he got back it was gone. Luckily this was NOT one of the one's Rich took to the scrap yard or we would have felt pretty rotten - this was the one that radiator fairy took in the night. One Guy and a Bike, it seems, was beaten to the punch. He asked if we had any more radiators and Rich sheepishly confessed that we did, but he had taken them to the scrap yard himself. Being that he HAD a truck. (He also, in fact, has a bicycle, but he didn't want to brag). The gentleman politely asked that if we need anything taken out in the future and hauled away... on a bicycle... that we keep him in mind.

He needn't worry... he's a hard chap to forget. Perseverance in the face of adversity. That's what makes America great, kids.

Now... before the story ends... just remember that not ONLY is One Guy and a Bike now without a truck. One Guy and a Truck is now without a driver (cuz he has no license). Whatever this break up was over - I hope it was worth it.

Leaving the parking lot from Applebees, where we had dinner tonight with 'the fam', there was parked - I am not making this up - a very large, new pick-up-truck with, in it's bed, a four wheel bicycle with a large carrying case attached. Ying and Yang in perfect harmony.